X a n a d u
James Jacob Pierri    Artist     Creator
James Jacob Pierri is a self taught artist who defines his artistic education as “ Tutored in art at the School Of The Muses”. Remaining innocent or ignorant to much of the art worlds titles or structure, he feels this keeps his spirit free and doesn’t interfere with the creative process. Though the work here on this site focus’s on Xanadu- Interior Art Design Sculptures,  Painting is also a favored form of expression. James is also an accomplished classical and pop musician, published Astrologer/ writer and produces live performance pieces. Each piece of art he creates is something of a spiritual experience and his work has been called “ Artistic representations of meditation” and
“ spiritually sacred and  Iconic”.
Taking a brief hiatus from the art world temporarily to pursue other fascinations, the Muses have welcomed Him back with loving arms and Blessings with re-inspired fervor ignited with The Xanadu Collection.  James is curently working towards his Masters degree in the  new fascinating anthropoligic field of Pagan Studies & Research.
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         Xanadu - The Inspiration behind the collection
The names or titles of each piece of this collection refer to the Isis & Osiris Myth of Ancient Egypt.
Its a very romantic story of eternal love that is lost, found and restored! Also in part because of the Mummy-esque inspired look, feel and texture of each piece. Xanadu it’s self is the special place in which all creation and creativity comes from and returns, so it seems a fitting name for a collection that has eternal potential. “Today there is higher demand on simple items competeing with technology, even art and interior design are expected to do so much more than  purely be. This Collection is a statement to our times and by tying in tradition, functionality and beauty.”- James Jacob Pierri.
 Theres more to the story of course, but you’d have to ask James Jacob Pierri the artist, he loves telling it.
Highlites of recent History & Experience:
April 2009- International Diplomat Conference, PACE UNIVERSITY, NYC, NY
March 2009- The Divine Auset Gypsy Tarot Card Deck, graphic collage art
May 2009- Group Art Show/Union City Art Alliance, St.Lukes Episcapol Church, Union City Nj
June 2008- Arte Pro Artes Live show at GLBT Film Awards show/party
2006- The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck- Full 78 card deck hand inked and painted in Water Colors
February 2006- (Featured on) HGTV Design Show- Whats Your Sign Design-
2005- International Art Press, Published pieces in top selling international art book
2004- International Art Show Case, Chaina Crete/Greece
2004- Ken Kroken Group Art Show, NYC, ny
2003- Arte Pro Artes Solo Show, Oval Art Gallery Orlando Fl
2003- Winter Art Show Oralndo Museum of Art, Orlando Fl in which both live show and paintings displayed
2003- Kick Off Party, Orlando Museum of art , Orlando Fl
2002- Table of Choices- Mini series. Art was featured in miniseries as the star charachters supposed work.